Card Fraud

Debit and ATM Card Fraud & Prevention Tips

  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Never write it on your Debit or ATM card or card envelope.
  • Don't discuss your account or account balance with anyone or give information on your account or PIN over the phone.
  • Never allow anyone to use your card or PIN.
  • Don't withdraw money for an official person.  No bank representative, auditor or law enforcement person will ever ask you to withdraw money from an ATM for any reason.
  • Keep your receipts and verify each transaction on your statement.  If you have an unexplained transaction, contact Commercial Bank immediately.
  • Report a lost or stolen card to Commercial Bank immediately at 1-800-547-8531 during normal business hours or at 1-800-236-2442 after normal business hours.

Stay safe with Commercial Bank Michigan.