Sweepstakes Scam

Sweepstakes Scams

This is a scam in which a company tells someone they have won a sweepstakes prize, but that the "winner" must first pay a fee to "insure" delivery of their prize. This is a scam that tries to convince you to give your money away.  Real sweepstakes contests never charge the winner for receiving a prize.

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Warning signs of a sweepstakes scam:

  • Sweepstakes scams want you to pay to receive the prize.
  • Sweepstakes scams tell you that you've won a contest that you don't remember entering.
  • They will send you a large check with your win notice (this is a counterfeit check).
  • They will instruct you to wire money by Western Union or to purchase a money pack card.   They will have you read the number on the money pack card.  Having to wire money to receive a prize is a sure sign of a sweepstakes scam.
  • They could pressure you to act in a hurry.
  • They may ask for bank or credit card information to receive your prize.
  • The "Win" is from a lottery, especially a foreign lottery.
  • They could pose as government organizations.
  • The sweepstakes letter contains many typos.

Remember, legitimate sweepstakes require affidavits before sending out any prize valued at more than $600. Stay safe with Commercial Bank Michigan.