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e-statements green keyboard keyIf you want a quicker and safer way to access your bank information, go paperless! Instead of receiving physical paper statements, you can get paperless e-Statements. You will then be able to access your bank account information online.

Some benefits of paperless e-Statements include increased security and instant viewing.

Lost & Stolen Mail Can Lead to Identity Theft

Decrease your risk of identity theft by signing up for e-Statements. You can completely eliminate the threat of stolen identity as a result of lost mail by signing up today.

  • Access your bank statement from anywhere with internet access.
  • Access one year of electronic statements in the bank's archives.
  • View, print or save bank statements on your home computer.
  • Eliminate the clutter and storage space of paper statements.
  • Secure encryption of your private information.

The best part is that e-Statements are FREE! Stop in at one of our convenient Commercial Bank locations to sign up for banking e-Statements today! 



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