Quicken Windows Bill Pay

Quicken Windows Bill Pay

Only complete these tasks if you currently initiate Bill Payments from within Quicken Windows.

Important: These tasks must be completed to avoid possible duplicate payments. If you do not cancel payments scheduled to be paid on or after the 1st Action Date, these payments may still be processed.

On or Before the 1st Action Date

Cancel Existing Bill Payments.

  1. Choose Tools > Online Center.
  2. Choose your institution from the Financial Institution drop-down list.
  3. On the Payments tab, choose an account from which a payment is scheduled in the future.
  4. In the payments status list, you will cancel payments for each payee with a status that is scheduled for delivery on a date. after the 1st Action Date. To do this, select the first payee and click Cancel Payment.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for all payments that are scheduled for delivery after the 1st Action Date.
  6. On the toolbar, click Repeating.
  7. Choose a payment instruction and click Delete. Click Delete again in the confirmation window.
  8. Repeat step 7 for each repeating payment you have with your financial institution.

On or Before the 2nd Action Date

Note: This section only applies if your institution will support Bill Payments initiated from within Quicken Windows after the system change.

Re-create Your Bill Payments.

If you need help re-creating payments, choose Help > Quicken Help. Search for Create an online Payment and follow the instructions to create and transmit an online payment.