Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scams:

Fraudsters are using the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to prey upon virus-related fears. Their tactics may include social media posts, text messages, emails, phone calls, and more. To learn more about covid-related scams, visit the resources provided below.

Ignore Bogus COVID Vaccine Survey

Social media is no place for COVID-19 vaccination cards

Scammers cash in on COVID-19 vaccination confusion 

Target for New COVID Scam: Small Business Owners

Those Free COVID-19 Money Offers on WhatsApp and Facebook are Scams

Keep calm and avoid Coronavirus scams

COVID mask exemption cards are not from the government

Help COVID-19 Contact Tracers, Not Scammers

The IRS Won't Call About Your Stimulus Money

Is a Scammer Getting Unemployment Benefits in Your Name?

How to Avoid COVID-19 Government Imposter Scams

What to Know About the Economic Impact Payment Debit Cards

COVID-19 Scams Targeting College Students

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Text Message Scams

Coronavirus Stimulus Payments: What You Need to Know

Behind on Car Payments Because of the Coronavirus?

COVID-19 Scam Reports, by the Numbers

Coronavirus Checks: Flattening the Scam Curve

Avoiding SSA Scams During COVID-19

Avoid Scams While Finding Help During Quarantine

Grandparent Scams in the Age of the Coronavirus

Want to Get Your Coronavirus Relief Check? Scammers Do Too

FAQs: Bank Customers Affected by Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

COVID-19: Checks From the Government Scam

Coronavirus: Scammers Follow the Headlines


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